Wild about Sosian

Nov 28, 2016

If you think the famous parks and reserves like the Masai Mara and Serengeti have the monopoly on East Africa’s best wildlife, then Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau might come as a surprise. Away from the usual tourist hotspots, this lesser-visited region is one of Africa’s – and one of the world’s – most sensational natural wildernesses, and it is where we found ourselves on a visit last month.

Our home for this trip was Sosian Lodge, a renovated 1940s ranch house set among a vast game ranch in the heart of Laikipia. Abundant in period character, this spacious and stylishly decorated accommodation makes for an exceptionally comfortable stay. A tennis court and beautiful swimming pool provide for guests’ sporting whims. And the package is completed by the hosts’ wonderfully warm welcome and some genuine fine dining cuisine.

A bedroom at Sosian Lodge, complete with luxury details and period charm

When you step outside the lodge, the perks of this wild location quickly make themselves apparent. Laikipia is simply teeming with wildlife. Most strikingly, there was a vast number of elephants, a wonderful treat and also an encouraging sight in these times. But as well as being rich in fauna, Laikipia also offers a different mix of species to that you’ll find elsewhere in East Africa. The region is a stronghold for many of the continent’s rarer animals, including the African wild dog and Grevy’s zebra, a variant with longer ears and tighter stripes than its more common cousin.

Just some of the numerous elephants we saw at Sosian Ranch

And another thing sets Laikipia apart is the way in which you get to experience the bountiful natural resources it offers. Being off the beaten track, you’re less likely to see large numbers of other tourists, making it feel more like a real wilderness adventure. Plus, as you’re on private ranch land, there are opportunities that simply aren’t possible in the main parks, like guided bush walks, horse-riding and the chance to visit tribes’ real homes.

This sense of freedom and authenticity makes Laikipia a truly special place to visit. And with a beautiful luxury lodge like Sosian Lodge as a base, you have all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable safari adventure.

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Olonana closure extended

Kenyan tented camp Sanctuary Olonana will be temporarily closed to guests, from 8 January until 7 June 2018. This is an extension of its previously stated closure period. Affected guests have been contacted.